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Keith E. Cornelius, Executive Director

Anita Lewis, Operations Manager

Shawn DeVaughn, Program Manager

Raquel Delemos, Staff Accountant/Social Media & Website Coordinator

Mason Mayes, Site-Coordinator

Kevin Bogany, Site-Coordinator

Larry Murchison, Site-Coordinator

Ernest Beason, Site Coordinator

Donald Rose, Site Coordinator

David Lane, Site Coordinator

Lacrecia Porter, Office Assistant

UEI provides me the direct opportunity to share personal experiences & provide hands-on help for our young men in personal & professional ways that I know will empower them to be effective, productive men of our future.
Tolu Opeloye
UEI Chairman
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Mentorship and Progress

afterschool STEM enrichment

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Mentorship is a powerful tool for positive change, and your participation can be the catalyst for transformation. Join the UEI Mentorship Network today and be a part of a community dedicated to shaping brighter futures and empowering the leaders of tomorrow.

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