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Tolu Opeloye

UEI Chairman


John M. DeBerry

UEI Vice Chairman


Cheri Green

UEI Secretary

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Megan Cain

UEI Treasurer

Jessica Seff

UEI Assistant Treasurer

Aaron Jones

James Dwyer


Dr. Virginia Rangel

Rance Rutherford


Erich J. Almonte

UEI-Forrester Goodrich Headshot

Forrester Goodrich

UEI-Kodi Bailey Headshot

Kodi Bailey

Rasheeda Liberty

Dr. Kenneth Davis

UEI-Cambrea Merriweather Headshot

Cambrea Merriweather

UEI-Jayson Payne Headshot

Jayson Payne

UEI-Aaron Swanson Headshot

Aaron Swanson


Victoria Hart

UEI-Steve Lowe Headshot

Steve Lowe

UEI-Lin Dennis Headshot

Lin Dennis

Kerry Wesley

Kerry Wesley

"It is our mission to continue providing UEI students with opportunities to expand their knowledge and enrich their lives..."
Keith E. Cornelius
UEI Executive Director
Champion of Change

Meet UEI's Executive Director

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